Do your own research, form your own opinions, and win at sports betting.

When researching games – you need trusted sources of information to tap into. Square Bettor curates links for fast access to betting data, news, podcasts, and much more – for 750+ teams across college and pro sports.


Square Bettor empowers sports bettors to conduct their own research, form their own opinions, and win at sports betting.


Born out of a lifelong interest in both sports and sports betting – paired with the pressing need for an easier way to research games – Square Bettor was built by a single founder.

About Square Bettor

Betting Data

When conducting sports betting research – you need fast access to betting data including ATS & O/U results and trends on a team by team basis.


When conducting sports betting research – you can get the inside scoop from team reporters and passionate fans dedicated to podcasting about their team.

Team and Player News

When conducting sports betting research – you need one click access to the best team and player news from local sources as well as news aggregators.


When conducting sports betting research – discussion forum threads offer valuable insights from knowledgeable fans with a finger on the pulse of their team.


When conducting sports betting research – you need access to the most relevant hashtags as well as the most influential Twitter follows on a team by team basis.

About Square Bettor

Report Broken Links

All 750+ team pages on Square Bettor are comprised of links to other websites. Sometimes these links are broken! Please pitch-in by reporting inaccurate information and broken links when you come across them.

Know of a great new resource? Such as a team-specific podcast, newspaper, newsletter, discussion forum, or great Twitter follow? Let us know.


A square bettor is an unprofitable bettor. Emotional betting, paying for picks, bad money management, and always taking the chalk are some examples of square behavior.

The opposite of a square is a sharp. Sharps are a rare breed. These bettors consistently make profitable wagers and win over the long haul. They are originators. They do their own work and follow their gut. Sharps are market movers. Their action influences books. Many have access to inside information.

Square Bettor is just a fun name. This platform is a useful resource for sports bettors of all experience levels. Whether you’re square, sharp, or somewhere in between.

Square Bettor

Square Bettor Blog

Our blog is an emerging resource of content located at the intersection of sports + sports betting. Topics include sports betting advice, sportsbook reviews, and much more.

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