Major League Baseball Fast Facts

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball league located across the United States and Canada. MLB has 30 teams in two leagues, American (AL) and National (NL), with three divisions each (east, central, west).

MLB Regular Season

Each MLB team plays 162 regular season games beginning in late March and running through the end of September.

MLB Playoffs

Three division winners per league and three wild card teams per league are invited to the MLB playoffs. The top two seeds from each league have a 1st round bye. The wild card round are three-game series (seed 3 vs 6 & 4 vs 5). After this is the divisional round (no reseeding), which are five-game series (2-2-1 format). LDS winners advance to the League Championship Series which is a seven-game series (2-3-2 format).

MLB World Series

The World Series is a seven-game championship series (2-3-2 format) played in late October.