This post explores the topic of podcasts and sports betting research. For sports bettors, podcasts are an insightful source of information produced by professional reporters as well as passionate fans.

Listening to podcasts is an effective technique for conducting sports betting research and maintaining strong working knowledge of the leagues and teams that you’re wagering on.

As such, here is a breakdown of the benefits for sports bettors to listen to podcasts.

Passive Consumption

Winning as a sports bettor requires actively maintaining your knowledge. This means putting forth the effort to follow things on a daily basis. Fortunately, podcasts are great for passive consumption. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or cleaning the house, it’s still possible to pickup insightful nuggets of information. As a sports bettor, listening to podcasts is a time-friendly option for staying abreast of the teams you’re betting on.

Passionate Fans

Passionate fans have a finger on the pulse of their team at all times. Many of these passionate fans are also amateur podcasters. These super fans and content creators know all the ins and outs of their team. As such, listening to podcasts is a great way to tap into the local perspective and overall vibe of any team you’re studying.

Professional Reporters

Professional reporters offer a unique perspective thanks to their access to press conferences and locker rooms. As podcasting grows in popularity, professional reporters are involved in developing podcast content for media outlets (i.e. cable network) as well as directly for teams. These podcasts are steady and reliable sources of information, backed by organizations with deep enough pockets to employ professional reporters.

Best Podcasts for Sports Bettors

Here are links to the top podcasts, organized by team, across multiple leagues.